I am running to you before you flare and fade away

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angelina jolie’s daughter


and gwen stefani’s son


both so cute 

Parenting done right

ugh. this is so wrong. how can you support someone letting their kid wear socks on grass. do you know how hard it is to wash those stains out?

I thought I was going to have to yell at someone for being a close minded asswipe but that was the biggest plot twist of my life. 

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Fallen For a Memory

                 I am what I have made myself. 

I do not deny nor accept a god or any other being in my creation. 

        I am memories and hopes trapped within systems that must work like clockwork to survive.

                                       Sometimes these systems break down.

                                        Sometimes there is a wrench in the cogs of my heart because in one afternoon over my cold drink and your hot one we lost each other somehow. 

                                           Sometimes the pistons of my brain fall out of sync because of the talk we shared in the night while others decided there was nothing wrong. 

And in this being which I have established, I have fallen for a memory

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